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Snack Time! Frozen Grapes

Don’t you wish snacking on the couch looked somewhat like this?

Well it can if you decide to snack on something a bit healthier for you. Why go for the Doritos when you can be grape-fed?

…Or something like that.

My healthy snack-time alternative: Frozen Grapes

Although the chips may look good now, they won’t look as good on your thighs tomorrow. Instead, try munching on things that are loaded with all sorts of vitamins and are really good for you, like frozen grapes. You’re supposed to be eating tons of fruits a day anyway, so this is a great healthy alternative for a hold-me-over snack. The good news is, you don’t have to feel guilty  anymore about going to town on high-calorie munchies because these little suckers are only 70 calories a cup. So stay away from the junk food and try frozen grapes the next time your stomach’s rumbling. They’re tasty, filling and nutritious!

It’s simple! Just buy either green or purple grapes, put them in a bowl or Zip-loc bag and let them freeze for a couple of hours….

… And they’re ready! Although they’re not ice cream, they might as well be. You bite into one and it tastes like you just swallowed a grape-flavored ball of sorbet.

TIP: I like to keep them in a bowl in the freezer so I always have a go-to healthy snack whenever I feel like munching.

So if you can’t wait for dinner and you need to snack, then snack. Just remember, there’s always a healthier option.


Have a grape day 🙂