Hair Tip: Mane ‘n Tail Horse Shampoo

The past few years has been this huge journey of me trying to grow my hair back after the price my scalp had to pay from my picky eating. From starting to eat right to Youtube-searching “scalp massages that stimulate hair-growth” (don’t make fun… I was desperate), there was just one thing I was missing that would really get my hair back to its original fullness… and that was the right type of shampoo and conditioner. So I asked my hair dresser of many years now, Kelly Meador, what shampoo I should buy, what salon would sell it, and how much it would be (expecting I’d have to drop some big bucks), but to my surprise she told me to go to a pet store…


Her suggestion: Horse shampoo.

You can purchase Mane ‘n Tail at your local CVS. It’s also available in the pet section at Wal-Mart and various pet stores- and those are usually the cheapest.

At the time I thought, “Great, I’m a thin-haired freak about to use horse products to desperately get my hair back…”

But after just one month of use, I had already noticed a HUGE difference in my hair – it was the answer to my hair prayers. I started using Mane ‘n Tail religiously and my locks not only got thicker, they got stronger and shinier too.

About Mane ‘n Tail

Forty years ago, Mane ‘n Tail was an exclusive product only used by animals and their owners. Diane from Customers Affairs of Straight Arrow Products, Inc. (the company that produces the shampoo and conditioner) says the company never had intentions to make the product usable for humans, but after the product had been selling on the shelves of pet stores for a couple of years, the company was informed that horse owners started using it on themselves, and saw great results when it came to thickness and hair-growth.  So Straight Arrow Products decided to officially sell the shampoo and conditioner in local drug stores for human use around 20 years ago.

Horses have thick hair, obviously, and it’s difficult to tame, but many horse owners use Mane ‘n Tail on their noble steeds because it prevents their hair from breakage and shedding and also helps maintain  their manes and tails so it’s not rough, frizzy or tangled. Diane says that the secret ingredient in the product is hydrolyzed protein, which also helps with sealing split ends- making your hair look and feel stronger.

“In our Mane ‘n Tail product, there is hydrolyzed protein, which helps you maintain the health of your hair and your scalp,” she says. She adds that the protein in the product is successful when it comes to grooming horses, and is just as successful when used by humans.

Personally, I had doubts when it came to using horse shampoo on my hair because mine was so thin, and I figured it’d make my hair greasy since the shampoo is meant for animals with insanely thick hair… but it actually gave my hair nice texture and made it shiny.

“It’s not a very weight-heavy product and neither is the conditioner,” she say. “It’s fine for any type of hair. We have all types of hair folks and animals that use the Mane ‘n Tail product,” from thin-haired “folks,” to cats who have the most delicate hair of all.

My Experience With Mane ‘n Tail

I LOVE Mane ‘n Tail and have been using it for 2 years now. Earlier this year, I  switched to another product by Moroccan Oil (an expensive brand) to switch up my routine, but still, my hair looked and felt better with the cheap animal stuff, so I switched back. For the price and its results, it really is a great buy- it makes you have beautiful hair, it’s cheaper than the desired brands and the conditioner also works as a leave-in product!

And I’m not just talkin’ to girls, I recommend this stuff for boys too and for all thin-haired and thick-haired people.  After all, look at me now….

Nahhh (no pun intended) … Just kidding. This is me now.

This was right after a haircut Kelly gave me this year.

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  1. You got it girlie! I started using Mane n Tail back in my horse riding days. Another tip is if you put some conditioner and water in a squirt bottle you can use it as a leave in conditioner!!! The ratio depends on hair type though. Thick and or curly hair = more conditioner to water, Fine or limp hair = only a little conditioner in the water.

  2. Love the haircut Kelly!

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